User Interface Configuration

Orienteer provides adaptive UI, making Orienteer apps suitable for mobile devices.

Configuring Perspectives

The administrator allocates perspectives available for each user role. To configure perspectives, in the menu on the left, click Perspectives (or go to URL /browse/OPerspective).

For a perspective, you can set:

  • Name: a localizable name of a perspective.
  • Icon: the name of an icon to be displayed (pick an icon name from Font Awesome project).
  • Home Url: the default page of the perspective.
  • Footer: a text area for html code that defines a common footer for all pages in a perspective.

For each perspective, you can add and delete sections to the menu on the left. Sections may have subsections in them. Sections have following attributes:

  • Perspective item: for subsections, this is the parent section on the menu.
  • Name: the name of the section that will show on the menu.
  • Perspective: a list of perspectives in which the section is present.
  • Icon: the icon that will show on the navigation pane along with the section's name. Set it similarly to the icon of the perspective.
  • Url: the page that shows when you click the section.
  • Sub items: subsections of the section.

Warning! If users don't see a page in their perspective, this doesn't prevent them from accessing a page over its URL. To restrict user access, configure the database security.

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