Business Process Management

Orienteer Business Process Management module is currently in beta testing and it's not available master branch. You can get access to BPM module:

Instructions bellow are for experienced users only! We do understand what quality and user-friendliness means: so we are working on bring good value to master stream.

Creation of a process definition

Orienteer embedded BPM Modeler is not mature enough. So make sure that you are modeling your BPM process in Camunda modeler:

Once BPMN file is ready, go to your Orienteer installation and create new document of type BPMProcessDefinition. After creation of a process definition: drag and drop your file into editor and click save on left-bottom corner. Make sure that key property is equal to id of your process in BPMN file.

Starting a process

Currently, there is no good place to start a process. So it's recommended to use devutils console for that. To make that happend: go to the list of installed modules (OModule) and enable devutils. Then you can navigate your browser to /tools page.

So, to start newly created process just execute the following command:'business-process-key')

where business-process-key is described below key of a process.

That's all: you process has been started. If you had some user-tasks: they will be available on users profiles.

Support of forms

Orienteer doesn't support Camunda's forms described here: Instead of Camunda forms, Orienteer supports its own type of keys. Format: orienteer:<Schema Class Name>:<Variable>

Schema Class Name - name of OClass to be used for creation a new document. It's optional of variable has already contain required document to be shown Variable - name of variable to store a newly created document or to take that document from.

Example: orienteer:OFunction:function First form with this key will create a document of class OFunction and propose a user to enter required information to it. Then document will be stored in variable function. Second and later forms with exactly such key will propose user to do something with already created document.

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