Appendix. Configuring Database Properties

Commonly there is no need to configure OrientDB database manually, because Orienteer takes care of that automatically. But in specific cases you can configure the database on the Schema page (URL /schema), on the Database tab.

Database Parameters

General settings

  • Type: type of the database ('graph' by default).
  • Status: the status of a database. Should be ACTIVE.
  • Default Cluster Id: the id of the cluster that should be considered by OrientDB as default.

Date, time, location

  • Date Format, e.g. yyyy-MM-dd.
  • Date/Time Format, e.g. yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.
  • Timezone*selected from a droplist.
  • Locate Country, e.g. US.
  • Locale Language, e.g. en.

Other settings

  • Charset sets the character encoding.
  • Custom: custom settings.
  • Cluster Selection: the cluster selection approach.
  • Minimum Clusters:
  • Conflict Strategy: the strategy of conflicts resolution.
  • Validation: enables / disables validation.

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