Managing Users and their Perspectives

In this section, we go through managing perspectives and creating users.

A perspective is the user work space that displays only those sections of the data base that this kind of user needs. Perspectives are assigned to roles.

Creating a Perspective

The users who will use our CRM app and work with clients, need only several sections of the data base. They do not need the tools for creating classes, managing users etc. So, we will create a perspective for them that will show only their part of work.

On the menu on the left, click Perspectives, create a perspective with parameters:

  • Name: click Add. In the drop box, type en (localizaiton). On the right, type Account manager.
  • Home URL: /browse/CmsContact. This is the relative URL of the list of contacts, the page that we want this user to see after the logon.

To check the new perspective, select it with the icon on the top right: .

Creating a User Role and a User

On the menu on the left, click Roles. Create a role with parameters:

  • Name: Account manager
  • Perspective: Account manager (and you can add more than one perspective to a role).

On the menu on the left, click Users. Create a user with parameters:

  • Name: Jane
  • Status: Account manager
  • Password: qwerty

After you click Save, in the table below, select the role Account manager.

Now when Jane logs in, she will see her default perspective.

You may have noticed that we could skip creating a role and specify the perspective in the user settings directly. This will work, but setting roles for users is a good practice because security control at user rights level is based on roles.

Warning! Users still can access other pages of the data base via their URLs. If you want to restrict users from modifying anything out of their allowed work space, configure security at the level of roles and / or documents.

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