Security and User Access Management

User Role-Based Security

For each user, you can set a password and assign one or several roles (the Users page URL: /browse/OUser).

A role determines what operations a user can perform against a resource. You can create a role with properties inherited from another role. You can manage roles on the Roles page (URL: /browse/ORole).

On the Properties tab of a role, you can set the following:

  • The role's Name.
  • Inherited Role: the parent role.
  • Rules and Mode: regulate rules that apply to a role and how those rules work.
  • Perspective: defines which perspective will be available for users with this role. For more details, see OrientDB manual:

Document-Level Security

You can apply different security rules to documents by using hooks (triggers) that will check for security rights of users or processes that access a document. To learn more about triggers, see OrientDB manual:

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