Installing as a Standalone Application

In standalone mode, Orienteer utilizes an embedded jetty server to run itself as a web application.

To install Orienteer in standalone mode:

  1. Download the latest installation file orienteer-standalone.war file (follow this link, select the latest version).
  2. Put the orienteer-standalone.war file into any directory.
  3. Create the Orienteer configuration file
  4. Run Orinteer by executing the command java -Xmx512m -Xms512m -jar orienteer-standalone.jar

    Additional parameters:

    • --config=<filename> the path to the Orienteer configuration file.
    • --embedded By default Orienteer runs an external OrientDB database. If you give this parameter, Orienteer will run an embedded OrientDB database.
    • --port=<port number> run Orienteer on a specified port (by default: 8080).
    • --help view help.

    The Java VM parameters can be adjusted accordingly.

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