Installing via Docker

  1. Install docker according to instructions.
  2. Pull orienteer image by the following command: docker pull orienteer/orienteer. For more details check docker hub repository.
  3. Run new container by command docker run -p 8080:8080 orienteer/orienteer. Adjust this command if needed.
    1. You can supply required orienteer properties values with the aid of environments properties. Please use correct naming convention: uppercase and underscore instead of dots. For example to specify orienteer.admin.password you should write -e ORIENTEER_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password

Using Docker Cloud

Docker Cloud is great thing for deployment (and even automatic redeployment) of a solution on your own promises.

  1. Register on Docker Cloud
  2. Add node: either use AWS, DigitalOcean services or "Bring your node"
  3. Create new service from orienteer/orienteer:latest public image. It's recommended to set "autoredeploy" and setup volume for /orienteer/Orienteer
  4. Create new container for this service. Map container port to required external port.
  5. After container deployment completion: just go to container URL.

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