About Orienteer

What is Orienteer

Orienteer is a platform for easy building business applications of any complexity: CRM, ERP, CMS, BPM, mobile apps, web site back-end etc.

Technically, Orienteer is a Java Servlet 3.1 web application built on top of the OrientDB database. OrientDB is NoSQL based database and implements the Multi-Paradigm aproach. This approach suits best for today's trends in data management and provides high performance, scalability, productivity and flexibility.

Orienteer key benefits

  • Provides enhanced business intelligence.

  • Saves time.

  • Is big data-oriented.

  • Provides enhanced data quality and consistency.

  • Is open source. Building your solution with Orienteer, you join the broad community that will support you and help you to move on.

  • Is easy to install and use.

  • Provides high return on investment.

Orienteer-based solutions are highly scalable. A solution can go with a growing business from a simple data model to a multi-branch business management solution.

What Businesses Enjoy Orienteer

  • Developers of business apps (ERP, CRM, etc.)

  • Web service providers.

  • and many others.

Building a Business App on Orienteer: the Approach

The Orienteer approach inherits much from OrientDB. The data model is represented by classes connected as nodes. Objects (instances) of classes are called documents. For more about OrientDB approach, see OrientDB documentation.

Features Coming in Next Versions

  • Backup / restore.
  • Software upgrading.
  • Export / import.
  • Logging.
  • Integration with third party software.

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