Appendix. Predefined Classes

Predefined classes arriving from OrientDB

  • OFunction: functions.
  • OIdentity: a parent class for OUser, ORole classes.
  • ORestricted: a class which you can use for configuring access rights of separate documents (for more see the Security section.
  • ORIDs: a utitily class.
  • ORole: user roles.
  • OSchedule: a task scheduler. Allows you to created scheduled tasks.
  • OTriggered: a parent class for deriving classes of documents that call dynamic functions at read-write operations. This allows you to implement security at document level. For more details on using triggers (hooks), see the OrientDB guide.
  • OUser: users.

Predefined classes specific for Orienteer

  • ODashboard: dashboards and their configurations.
  • OLocalization: localized properties of classes.
  • OModule: modules.
  • OPage: dynamic pages.
  • OPerspective: perspectives.
  • OPerspectiveItem: links on a menu (on the left of the screen) in perspectives.
  • OWidget: widgets.

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